Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 261 - Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 1/24/2011

Thank you for choosing to join Troop 261.  We look forward to having you in our Troop and experiencing the adventures of Scouting!  Additional information on Boy Scouting generally is available on the Boy Scouts of America website.

Troop Meetings:  We meet on most mondays at 7pm in the School Cafeteria, 7202 N.W. Highway 9, Kansas City, Missouri 64152.  Scouts are required to be in full uniform (see below).  The Troop Calendar identifies specific days and times for our Troop Meetings and other activities.

Mission Statement:  BSA Troop 261 is committed to the development of well-rounded young men, is supportive of those activities that contribute to the positive values of personal responsibility, team skill development and leadership, and which are consistent with the Scout Oath and Law.

Overview:  Troop 261 is sponsored by St. Therese Scout Parents, Inc.  Troop 261 belongs to the Heart of America Council and the North Star District.  Troop 261 is run by the Scouts themselves.  Our troop hikes, camps, learns how to tie knots and to build fires.  We learn map and compass and cold-weather camping.  We also participate in service projects and have weekly troop meetings.  Further information on joining Troop 261 is available.

Boy Scout Handbook:  Scouts should bring the Boy Scout Handbook to every troop meeting and campout.  The Handbook contains the requirements for each rank and a record of a Scout's advancement progress.  Another excellent source of information on outdoor activities is the Boy Scout Fieldbook.

Uniform:  Scouts should wear the complete "Field Uniform" or "Class A" uniform to each troop meeting, except during the summer months when we wear our "Activity Uniform" or "Class B uniform."  The Field Uniform is also required when traveling to scout activities, such as campouts.

The Field, or "Class A," Uniform consists of

  • Regulation Scout khaki shirt with proper insignia
  • Regulation Scout shorts or long pants
  • A Scout belt
  • Scout socks
  • Official troop neckerchief (awarded by the troop when the boy has earned the "Scout" Rank) with a Boy Scout neckerchief slide
  • Preferably, a scout hat

In addition, for a Court of Honor or Board of Review, the Scout should wear his merit badge sash and Order of the Arrow sash if he has either.

The Activity, or "Class B," Uniform is the same as above except that a Scout T-shirt is substituted for the Regulation Scout khaki shirt and troop neckerchief.

The Boy Scout Handbook has information on where to place insignia.  The Boy Scouts of America publishes a more detailed Insignia Guide that can be purchased at the Scout Store.

Uniforms can be purchased at the Kansas City Scout Shop or at Brant's Men's and Boy's Wear, 15 E. Kansas, Liberty, Missouri (Tel. 781-6234).  A uniform exchange program is also available..

Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC):  Once a month the Patrol Leaders' Council (consisting of the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Troop Guides, Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders) meets with the Scoutmaster to plan the troop's meetings and activities for the next month.  The PLC usually meets at 7pm in the St. Therese School Cafeteria.  Scouts should wear their uniform. Other Troop office holders may also be invited to attend.

Court of Honor:  Each quarter, the troop holds a Court of Honor in lieu of its regular meeting.  The purpose of the Court of Honor is to make award presentations and to recognize the Scouts' progress.  The Court of Honor is usually held in the St. Therese school Cafeteria.

Troop Committee:  All Scout parents are members of the Troop Committee.  Its responsibility is generally to ensure the quality of the Scouting program for the troop and to support the Scoutmaster.  The Troop Committee meets monthly in the St. Therese School cafeteria as shown on the calendar.  All Scout parents are welcome to attend the meetings.

Camping:  The troop tries to conduct an outdoor activity every month. In January, we normally participate in the Klondike Derby campout at Smithville Lake, which is a friendly competition among other troops and a lot of fun!  During February through May, the troop usually has a regular overnight campout.  In June, we typically go on a canoe trip in southern Missouri and spend two nights at a campsite.  

In July, we attend our summer camp at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in Osceola, Missouri for nine nights.  This is an extraordinary experience for our boys and their parents and a great opportunity to earn merit badges.  The cost is around $225 per Scout or full-time adult leader staying the entire time or $35-40 per day for part-time adult leaders.  There is a $100 cancellation fee.  A "campership" program is available to provide qualifying Scouts with some financial assistance towards the Osceola fees as needed.  Our Osceola camping is coordinated by our adult Campmaster.  Opportunities exist for older Scouts to serve on the Osceola or Camp Naish staff.

In August, we normally have a troop pool party and no campout.  Then in September through December, we usually have a monthly campout.  We sometimes attend the District Camporee in October.  Parents are encouraged to attend as many campouts as possible.  The cost for each campout is normally around $10 per person depending upon the food selected.  

Equipment checklists are available for cold-weather camping, warm-weather camping, and Osceola. Scouts may not bring video games, CD players, fireworks, etc.  The troop supplies tents and patrol cooking equipment.

Skiing Event:  The Troop usually goes snow skiing at the Snow Creek facility in Weston, Missouri on a Sunday in January or February.  In connection with this event, Scouts may have the opportunity to work on their Snow Sports merit badge.

Scout Sunday:  Scout Sunday is usually observed in February, and the Troop attends Mass at the St. Therese Catholic Church in full uniform.

High Adventure:  The Boy Scouts of America maintains various camping areas, many of which are known as "High Adventure" areas.  The largest such site is the Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico.  This area is a backpacking camping experience for scouts 14 years of age or older and adult leaders.  Similarly, for the nautically oriented, there are High Adventure "Seabase" areas in California and in Florida that offer sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.  The Boundary Waters area in Minnesota and Canada offers superb camping/canoeing opportunities.

Lastly, a few Troop 261 Scouts usually attend the National Jamboree.  The next National Jamboree will be held in 2013 at The Summit: Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve near Mount Hope, West Virginia.  And there is even an International Jamboree.

Attendance:  Scouts are required to participate in at least 50% of the troop's activities during the year in order to satisfy rank participation requirements and to qualify for consideration for honorary camping societies, such as Mic-O-Say.

Service Projects: Rank advancement often requires a Scout to participate in a service project.  There are many opportunities during the year to participate in a service project, which is usually announced at a troop meeting on posted on this website.

Venture: Troop 261 has a Venture program open to Scouts who are Star or above and at least 13 years old.

Newsletter: The Troop publishes a monthly newsletter, The Eagle's Call, which is usually distributed at the troop meeting.

Roundtable:  Each month, the North Star District holds its Roundtable, which is a meeting primarily for adult leaders to discuss and have presentations on topics of interest.  At least one representative from the Troop is expected to attend.  The Roundtable is usually held on the first Thursday of each month (except July and August) at 7:30 p.m. at Cerner Corporation's Riverport Facility (The old Sam Town Casino), 6711 N.E. Birmingham Road Road, Kansas City, Missouri.

Last updated: 01/24/2011